Before you schedule an appointment, please take a moment to read and review some very important information. This information is "required reading"! By clicking on the underlined links, you may directly access the documents for your review.

My disclosure statement is a document that contains more detailed information about myself, my training, and my practices in therapy. It is what you need to read to make an informed decision when choosing a therapist. Please also read about my Office Procedures and 

your Client Rights and Patient Grievance Procedures

Email is often a better way for people to communicate especially about appointments, questions, etc. Please read my Use of Email policy so that you understand and are familiar with the use and scope of email in my practice.

And because your privacy is extremely important to me, please be familiar with my Privacy Practices.

Want to schedule an appointment? Please email me (faster than waiting on a return call usually) and let me know what you need my help with. If we decide that I can help, you will be scheduled into the computer system. Once added to my system, I can then send you a link to activate your patient portal account where you can complete forms and measures for your appointment before you come in. Some forms require being printed and completed and some may be completed online. If you do not have access to a printer, we can complete those forms in the office.